Okanagan Adventure: Part 1


This summer has sure turned out to be a lot busier than I thought it would be. This past weekend my family and I headed to the Okanagan, now if you don’t know where that is you’d do best to google it. I’m rather geographically challenged, yet great with directions. I’m an odd soul. To start off our stay we checked into the cutest little B&B the Harvelle House, you can check out my post about it here.

Now that you’re caught up on reading my Harvelle House post, let us pop on into this post shall we? After breakfast at Harvelle House we headed over to my grandmas care home to visit, after all she was the guest of honor and the whole reason we went to the Okanagan in the first place.


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Ocean Room Decor DIY


Today I thought I’d share part 1 of my ocean room decor DIY’s for all you summer loving people out there. If you love the ocean, you know there is nothing like sitting on the sand hearing the waves crash against the shore as you dig your toes into the sand and let it fall through your fingers. The ocean brings a calmness so why not add a little serenity and calmness to your room for that fresh summer feeling.

The first DIY is a cute little banner that you can hang over your bed, on your wall or over your desk.


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