Fort Langley Adventure


Today I thought I’d give you an insight into one of my favourite places ever, Fort Langley. The Hudson’s Bay company originally built Fort Langley in 1827. So as you can imagine this town has seen lots of history, and it’s still going strong. Most of the buildings have been restored and it’s quaintness can be found on your TV screens most commonly in Once Upon A Time or most Hallmark movies.

The biggest draw for me to this town is the cute cafe Wendel’s, it’s on a corner across from the train tracks. It has an exquisite menu for both food and drinks. My drink is a Chai tea latte with almond milk. Wendel’s is super friendly to those with allergies, all you gluten-free people rejoice. The best part is there is a book store to browse before or after your meal, or while you’re waiting for your drink.  Check out my recent visit below!

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