Honey, I’m Home!


I’ve contemplated how to write a blog post that encapsulates everything I just experienced over the past six months. As I try I’ll have you know it was nothing short of extraordinary and filled with wonder.

A lot of you know I just got home from spending six months living in Hawaii and Papua New Guinea. I was volunteering with a organization called YWAM (Youth With A Mission). I spent three months living in Kailua-Kona, which is on the big island of Hawaii. There I spent most days in lectures, hearing from missionaries who are living out the gospel in nations from as near as America to as far as Kirghistan. Lecture phase provided the space for the Lord to move in me. I found break through in ways I never imagined I could.

Before going to DTS I was living in this false perception of who I believed I was. When I decided to say yes to Jesus and all that he wanted to do in my life. All the lies I had harbored deep down, that I believed were a part of my identity were broken. I felt the Holy Spirit rip out a deeply rooted lie that I never thought was reachable. Now when I look in the mirror I see a new creation and the truth that I am a saint, a daughter and my past is covered in a blanket of purity, cause it’s already been dealt with on the cross.

Not only did I get to experience true freedom, I got to grow up into this woman I always knew I was supposed to be, but couldn’t reach while I was still home living in Vancouver. Now I get to explore and know the woman I am with the Lord as He keeps revealing new aspects about myself to me. This Natalie is bold, fearless, honest with herself and others, courageous, mighty, secure, and filled with true and pure joy. This Natalie is no longer defined by her career of being an actor, or a photographer, or anything else, she’s defined by the truths spoken over her by the Lord.

So you can imagine after experiencing such wild transformation, living in the tropics and being surrounded by people all the time, coming back to Canada has been an interesting transition. As I flew into Vancouver, I felt two very conflicting emotions, my heart longs to be anywhere but here, but I know the Lord has called me to be here for such a time as this. What that looks like i’m still not too sure, I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I am looking forward to seeing what this next season of acting and creating brings and all the ways the Lord can interrupt my day to allow me to partner with Him.

As I transition and figure things out, I will be posting a series of blogs that chronicle my experience leaving Hawaii, moving to Papua New Guinea and all the incredible people I got to meet. As well as the the stories I got to be apart of or encounter while I was there. I am so beyond grateful to everyone who partnered with me financially or through prayer, as well as my non-praying friend who just encouraged me along the way, you were so important to me in my journey and i’m so thankful for your friendship. Thank you to all for believing in me, my journey, and for allowing me to travel the globe to fall in love with a nation I never knew existed and a people group that will hold my heart forever.

I hope you got a glimpse into my journey that was “nothing short of extraordinary and filled with so much wonder”. I hope you’ve all had an incredible Christmas, and that your New Years is filled with an abundant amount of cheer, celebration, joy and expectancy for the new year to come. I know I’m so expectant for what this new year holds and all the Lord is going to do in it.

Lots of Love,