Easy Valentine’s Treats


Ah Valentine’s Day, the day all about love. I find either people love this holiday or they hate it. I used to be on the hate side, but being on that side was dark and cynical and well, pretty exhausting. I say exhausting because I had to pretend I hated it (however it kept my acting skills in shape) but deep down, all I wanted was to love others and be loved. So I decided to embrace it and look at it as a day filled with an extra overflow of love. I also got a boyfriend this year so it didn’t take much to convince me to embrace it. I find V-Day (not related to the II world war) is also the perfect day to show grace to your neighbor, especially when they park their truck in front of your driveway.

With Valentine’s there is an abundance of sweets, because let’s be real here, the best way to anyone’s heart male or female is through their stomach, yes even those on a diet. Hand them a sweet acai bowl and you’re golden. So I though I’d get in the spirit and make some easy Valentine’s snacks. These are cute recipes I was inspired by on Pinterest, because Pinterest is life, aside from Blenz and Jesus.


The first snack is quite fun and easy of course, hence the title. The Pinterest recipe that I saw used graham crackers and conversation hearts, but since I’m gluten-free I wanted to be able to incorporate my diet into this love filled day. So I used S’moreables, you can pick these up at your local superstore or any grocery store that has a health food section will probably have them. They taste pretty similar to the real thing which is a deal breaker if you’re like me.


Other ingredients you’ll need are:

  • Conversation hearts
  • Icing

Conversation hearts were so hard to find, luckily I found them in a variety pack which had other candies I needed for my other treat. Then for the icing I was feeling lazy so I just whipped up icing sugar and coconut milk and added in some red food dye.



The first step you’ll want to do is bag your icing in either a piping bag, or zip lock with the corner cut off. If you make icing the way I did prepare for it to run! What I did after breaking the graham crackers in half, which was very difficult i might add, was draw the grid on the crackers. Warning if you use the gluten-free crackers they may crumble. I rescued all the good looking ones strictly for the sake of the blog.

Easy Valentine's Treats on Theothersideofnat.com

Next you’ll want to stick on your conversation hearts. If you’re using real graham crackers you’ll probably want to put a little bit of the icing on the back so that they stick in place. However if you’re using the S’morables you wont have to as they are small enough that they partially stick into the icing.

Conversation Heart Tic Tac Toe Valentine's Treat on theothersideofnat.com

When you’re done you can plate them and serve them with a nice cold glass of milk. Not only are they cute and easy to make, they taste pretty great too. If you’re not a fan of conversation hearts you could always use other candies to get the same idea or switch it up for other events or holidays.


The next easy treat is so easy I wish I had invented the idea. Candy on a stick, it doesn’t get much simpler than that. Valentine's candy sticks on theothersideofnat.com

So for the candy skewers it’s just like making a kebab of any kind. You’re going to want to get an assortment of gummy candies. Now be ware some of the gummy candies can still be incredibly hard to get on so be careful you don’t stab yourself. If you do those around you could say “you’ve been skewered!” or “kebabed!” which I wouldn’t put past your funny uncle.

Valentine's Candy Skewers on theothersideofnat.comValentine's Candy Skewer on theothersideofnat.com

The fun thing about these if you can change-up the pattern and candies to customize a very unique look. You can make long ones or short ones what ever your heart desires. I even wrapped a few up so that I could give them as a gift.

Valentine's Candy Skewers on theothersideofnat.com

Easy Valentine's Treats on Theothersideofnat.com

There you have it, two super simple treats to make that are friendly for kids and for adults. I know I’m so excited to munch on these over the next few days and give some away because I do NOT need to eat all that sugar. After all it is pilot season and you never know what’ll come up.

Anyways babes and bo’s that’s it for today. What’s your favourite Valentine’s candy, leave a comment below. I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s no matter what it looks like for you, I pray you are treated well and feel loved.

Natalie xo.



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