Origins: Skin Care


Happy Wednesday or Humpday if you will. I don’t know about you but I am currently snowed in under ten inches of snow. So I think that there is nothing better than to spend your day pampering yourself and why not start with a great face mask? That way your skin will be prepped and ready to finish out the week. Just remember only one more day till Friday. You can do this in the morning if you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t have to start your day early or at night to wind down after a long day.  My favourite masks are by the amazing brand Origins.

I can barely handle my excitement to share this post with you all, it’s literally pouring out of  my pores. In the fall of last year I discovered a skin care company because of Troian Bellisario. She stars as Spencer Hastings in the internationally loved show Pretty Little Liars (which is sadly coming to an end). Troian posted a picture of her wearing a mask on snapchat. She was wearing their GinZing peel off mask. Now this mask makes your face look rose gold and it peels off, so as soon as I saw it I knew I needed to know where she got it.

That’s how I stumbled upon Origins. I decided since it was my first time trying out this company I would get their sample/travel sized pack which had three face masks and a mask primer mist. I used all three and loved them immediately, so I knew I was onto something. I started looking into what kind of face washes I could find and that’s how I found their Deep Pour Cleanser with Saw Palmetto and  Mint, I also started using the Oil free moisturizer that goes along with it. This product has actually changed my life. I usually break out around my time of the month and over my last period I had next to no break outs which is a miracle. I knew from that moment on I found my new saving grace.

Origins Zero Oil Saw Palmetto face wash and mositurizer


About a week ago I posted a picture of myself using their Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay, to my Instagram story which I tagged Origins in. They then responded asking if they could send me some samples. I tried to play it cool, but let’s be real I practically screamed at them with excitement. Free samples and from a company that I love, of course I’m saying yes. So I gave them my address and they promptly sent out their samples. What I received in the mail was not what I was expecting.

Origins Skin Care Unboxing

I watch a lot of youtube video’s and a lot of the YouTube stars get packages, and I love watching them unbox things. Getting a package, whether it’s free stuff, or items you purchased yourself pretty much feels like Christmas. Since this was such a special moment for me I wanted to document it. So I graciously roped my mother into taking my picture as I opened the package.

Origins Skin Care Unboxing

When I opened the package I was expecting to get the travel size version of the products. But Origins went above and beyond and blessed me with full sizes. I squealed and jumped and shook myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. As the kids say, I was shook.

Origins Skin Care unboxing

Origins sent me their Drink-Up intensive over night mask which I already have a travel size of. But the more the merrier especially if it’s something you love. It smells like summer and It makes my face feel crazy hydrated with out making it oily! After the dry cold winter we’ve had in Vancouver I’d say my skin needs to Drink-Up. The second mask they sent me is their Out of Trouble mask. I’ve been wanting to try, I’d seen it on their Instagram and on their website. I often deal with break outs and this I’m sure this will be my saving grace especially when my skin is flared and I have an audition the next day.

Origins Skin Care Unboxing

I’m so excited to try them! Keep an eye out for a YouTube ofI already know I’m going to love them. Have you ever tried Origins before? If so tell me about your experience and what your favourite product of theirs is. Let’s gab about skin care!

Till next time beauties.



This post is all my own thoughts and opinions, though product was sent to me this is not a sponsored post.


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