New Year, New Me.


Happy New Year! It’s been a while. Once the New year comes, everyone starts saying “New Year, New Me”. I’ve seen that quote posted on almost every social media site, it’s actually a little excessive. However it did get me thinking, what would a new me look like? and therefore it got me thinking about my hopes, dreams and goals for the New Year.

Some of my goals are very meaningful to me, and those are the ones that I’ll try to accomplish to the best of my ability. Others however are kind of just on the list, though they are things I want to do, if they don’t happen I won’t be too torn up about it. For the goals I really cared about I wanted to find a way to make them seem attainable. So instead of writing a lengthy list of things I want to do this year I wrote steps to accomplish each goal. That way it broke it down and made it less overwhelming and daunting when I looked at a list a mile long.

Here’s some examples of my goals and steps I’m going to take to achieve them.

1. Drink more water.


Steps to accomplish goal:
– Get an accountability partner
– Make it into a friendly competition, maybe with rewards. For example who ever wins at the end of the week pays for the next coffee date.

2. Learn more Sign Language.


Steps to accomplish goal:
– Research proper grammar
– Online tutorials
– Look into school courses.

3. Read more books.


Steps to accomplish goal:
– Go an hour with out internet a day, read instead.
– Read before bed instead of spending it on Facebook or other social media sites.

4. Climb Mountains.


Steps to accomplish goal:
– Build stamina by walking trails then running them.
– Go with another person.
– Get proper gear and go with experienced people.

These are just a few of my personal goals. While writing I also broke it down into categories. So I put down a section for Spiritual, Personal, Relationship, Friendship, Career, and Financial. Breaking it down helped me think of the goals I wanted to set more clearly. I also highly recommend looking at steps you can take to reach those goals, looking at the steps makes it feel more attainable. In the long run though, even if you don’t accomplish anything on your list this year, as long as you’ve taken each day by day, loved your neighbour as yourself and laughed at least once then this year will be a good one no matter the outcome.

Here’s to 2017, may you be blessed and enjoy the ride.

Natalie Farrow.



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