A Natural French Tip


How many of you search on pinterest looking and dreaming of having beautiful nails? I know I do. I spend way too long on there and then when I go to attempt it, I never have the patience to let it dry. Intricate designs are beautiful and good in theory, but just that, in theory. Unless you’re luckily talented in that beauty department, a simple nail is usually the safest way to go.

I love the natural look, and it’s easy to attain. That’s why I wanted to share with you how I get my natural French tip look and I don’t have to wait a million years for it to dry.  First of all you’re going to need to pick your weapon…I mean polish.



Firstly I started with a base coat and then I started with the “Shell we dance” by Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure. I then let it dry for a bit, which didn’t take very long.


Next I followed by doing the tips with tuck it in my tux. With this you don’t have to be very accurate because it’s so light. So give it your best shot but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t.


Then I went over my nails again with the same Shell we dance? and let that dry. Once it was dry I took a top coat over it and bam there ya have it a light natural looking manicure.


I love how natural it looks, yet classy. I will for sure do this again. It’s perfect for acting, as it isn’t a distracting or blaring colour but it still makes you look polished when you walk into your audition. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried a natural French tip. Also what’s your favourite nail polish brand?

Natalie Farrow





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