July Favourties


With each passing month I’m blown away by how fast this year is going by. I mean it’s already August. In four months I’ll be 23, and that’s just an insane concept. This week I’m back with my monthly favourites. These are just a few items that I’ve noticed myself using lots, or I’m just flat-out in love with. Let’s jump right in shall we?



This beautiful little necklace I picked up from a the thrift store. If you saw my last blog post I mentioned Project Aftershock Thrift Store. It’s right along white rock beach, and it’s got oodles of little jewelry pieces as well as some solid clothes for men and women, plus the owner is a sweetie!



What time is it Mr. Wolf? It’s time to get a watch! This little beauty has the same great qualities of the pricier brands but I got this sweet thing for $16 Canadian at my local Superstore. The leather band is not solid, it’s more of a ribbed leather, but it’s still adorable. It goes with lots of outfits and people think it’s ten time more expensive then it actually is. Also bonus, it has the date on it!



If I could live in the forest near an ocean I would and I would be the happiest woman alive. I love me a good candle. I was walking through home sense and was drawn to the packaging. It was simple, modern, minimal and mostly white. So obviously I opened it up and bam, my  nose buds were delighted by a perfect aroma of bamboo and fern. It transported me right into a forest and it was amazing.



Journals. Are. The. Bomb. I’m a writer at heart, sometimes it’s prayers (actually most of the time, who am I kidding. It helps me stay focused on the man upstairs), sometimes it’s song lyrics, film ideas, to do lists. You name it, I am probably writing it. Oh but not poetry, I suck at poetry. I picked up this bad boy to record things I find important on my acting journey. Special dates, quotes, tips, techniques, it’s my personalized handbook if you will.  If you’re digging it, I picked mine up at coles, but chapters and indigo stores probably carry them too.



I’ve been shopping for a new make-up bag for far too long. I’ve had the same old one from the drug store for years and I felt like I had long out grown my old make-up bag. Though this is a down size for me, I thought a chic one that could work for traveling too would be a good choice. I love this matte shade of almost a pinky-purple-nude. I’m not so hot with colour names as you can tell. I can’t tell you how much I love this bag. It’s a must have for those who don’t have a big make-up collection like me, or those who love to travel.




Scrunchies are back and in full swing. I was hesitant at first, really, really hesitant. But, turns out I love them. They are fun, easy on the hair and they give me a little throw back feel which I love. I got these along with a set of black ones at my local Claire’s. I was digging the fall or Snow White colours if you will. If you haven’t yet try them, either for the first time, or maybe for those who’ve been around the block. Why not give them a go again?



Before this year, I had no idea what yoga could do for me mentally or physically. It’s changed my life. That downward dog and child’s pose, man they remind my body what it’s like to be alive. I picked up this bad boy, which came with a block to help with stretching at my local Winners, the Canadian version of Ross. I was looking for something exactly like this. Thank you Nike for making my hot pink yoga dreams come true.



“I be up in the gym just working on my fitness”. – Fergalicious. These zooms provide amazing comfort it’s like walking on air, they make me feel fabulous and delicious as Fergie would say. I am so excited to start on my fitness journey with these babes. I know I’ve got things backwards working for that beach bod into the fall/winter, but hey I’ve always wanted to hide “super girl abs” under a baggy hoodie, so there. If you’re looking for a new running shoe, I highly recommend it. Just think you only have 5 months to carry out that new years resolution, why not do it with a new set of amazing kicks?

Well ladies and gentlemen that is the end of my favourites for the month. I’m sure there is much more I’m forgetting but this is also the internet and people’s attention spans are only so long, mine included. What’s your favourite item on this list? Feel inspired to try some of these products in your life? Let me know in the comment’s below what your favourite was on the list.

As always,

Natalie Farrow


All thoughts and opinions on products are my own, this post was not sponsored by any of these companies.


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