Backyard Camping


Ah summer, the month of camping, fires (I’m talking about the good kind), smores, beach days, tan skin (or burnt if you’re a ginger like me. The struggle is real) and friends laughing all together. There isn’t really anything like being amongst a great group of friends no matter if you’re camping or not. Last weekend the creative crew and I tried to go camping at Golden Ears, and pretty much anywhere else we could find a spot. The issue was everything was full, so that resulted in us camping in a friends backyard. Even though it wasn’t the great out doors we still had a ball. Backyard camping is still in ya’ll!

To start the weekend we gathered at my friends house and then set out to the beach to kill time till the rest of the crew came.



We drank our booster juice and ice cream while watching this rad Aussie kitesurf (I’m just assuming he’s Aussie, I actually have no idea. Let’s just go with it). We even had a good game of Frisbee.



These ladies here have changed my life. I finally found my squad if you will. Not only are they exceptionally talented actors, and all around creative people. They push me to be a better person in all areas of my life. I love them with all my heart and I’m so blessed to walk alongside them on each of their own journeys.


As we were leaving the beach we decided to pop into this wonderful thrift store. They had the cutest jewelry, and a good range of clothes, for both men and women. Highly recommended.



The thrift store even has this precious little pup named Peanut. Sadly he was only given two weeks left due to cancer. I know how much it hurts for a dog owner to lose their little furry animal, so I’m praying for the shop owner.

After the beach we headed back to my friends house to meet up with the rest of the crew and we began setting up camp.


We also set up a fire, which we later found out in the city of surrey wasn’t actually prohibited. We found this out way too late into the game, so we at least got our hotdog and smore’s in.


There was also some good old fasion peach peeling going on.


I then headed home because I had a photoshoot the next day. But after my photoshoot I headed to meet up with the crew again and we spent some time at Golden Ears for the day. We clearly should have stayed in White Rock as it was very overcast at Golden Ears.



After spending a while at Golden Ears we headed back to white rock for dinner, which we all picked up our favourites and then headed to the beach for the sunset.


We even got a little live music from our fellow creative friend. It was a Jazzy evening for sure!


After the sun went down we headed back to our little camp and ended up watching a movie in the tent, because backyard camping. It was an amazing time with friends laughing, creating amazing memories and enjoying the adventures of summer.

Have you ever tried backyard camping? If so let me know in the comments below!

Natalie Farrow



3 thoughts on “Backyard Camping

  1. Heheh, sounds like you guys had a blast anyway. It’s so important in life to plan to go do something, then enjoy the journey when it inevitably takes you on a totally different course! What’s the plan for this long weekend?


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