B&B Getaway


This past weekend I hopped in the car with my family and headed to the Okanagan. The Okanagan is one of my favourite places in the world, some of my best childhood memories take place there. My parents try to go once a month to visit my grandma. I on the other hand have not been there in over four years. Worst. Grandchild. Ever.

I am however not the only one who loves the Okanagan. Trying to book a place to stay was next to impossible! That’s when we stumbled across the perfect little B&B Harvelle House. Nestled behind (or in front, depending how you look at it) of Giant’s Head in Summerland is where you’ll find this whimsical house.

The price to stay here was better than any hotel, especially when you consider the type of breakfast we had. Best. Breakfast. Ever! It was even catered to the gluten freeers as well as vegetarians. On top of the top notch breakfast, it was so peaceful there. You could hear chickens clucking, birds chirping, and the hosts Harvey & Eleanor are beyond amazing, sweet, funny, and welcoming. They get a 10/10 for hospitality.


This is the view from the living room, the sun lights it up and gives it a warm summer glow in the morning. The house is homey and the beds are comfy, which when you’re staying somewhere else is pretty much the main ingredient to a perfect stay, in my opinion.


They have a beautiful veranda that wraps around the house, where there is chairs and little tables scattered about for guests to lounge in. All the guest ate breakfast on the veranda that day as it was perfect temperature with a slight breeze and the warm sun rising. It was one of those mornings where you just reveled in the Lords wonderful handy work.


This was the view from our room, it’s also the front lawn. As you can see they have a perfect little car park for all the guests, and a perfectly cut lawn.


This is the side view from our room. I’m guessing this is West, but when you’re nestled in the mountains it’s a little hard to tell what direction is truly north. All the rooms are named after their granddaughters there is Anastasia, Keely-Anne, Mairin and Majella. We stayed in Majella.


This was the East view from the house. I took this picture the day we arrived, and after driving through the mountains in rain, it was a glorious sight to see blue sky, sun and lush grass.


The Harvelle House knows how to keep things fresh. Surrounding the house and veranda was a bunch of fresh flowers. It brought a homey feel to the place which I as a flower lover, especially enjoyed. The house has a slight historic feel to it, which as an actor gave way to an open door of creative thinking and imagining.


Speaking of creative thinking and imagining. The peace and quiet made it possible for me to work on my first ever Guest Star audition for a very popular show that centers around a certain Charming family on ABC. If you know what show I’m talking about, leave a comment below.


To top it all off, the Harvelle House has Clydesdale’s, two of them to be specific. They are beautiful and weigh as much as a small car. It was such a treat to see them, though we didn’t get a chance to pet them it was still a pleasure being surrounded by the smell of horses and hay. The Harvelle House also does sleigh rides in the winter, as well as wedding and tour carriage rides in the summer.


This was the view of the house from out in the yard with the horses. It’s still cute, even from the side. All in all our stay at the Harvelle House was exceptional, I know my family and I would stay here again in a heart beat. Harvey and Eleanor thank you for an amazing stay, for welcoming everyone in with open arms and a “Welcome to the family” attitude. You’ve truly got a gift for hospitality.

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into a B&B, and that you’ll check out the Harvelle house if you’re ever in the area.

Have you ever stayed in a B&B? If so where and what was your experience like? Leave a comment down below!

Natalie Farrow



All thoughts an opinions are my own, this post was not sponsored.






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