DIY Succulent Planter


Recently I bought my first succulent. I usually refrain from plants as I usually end up killing them. In my defense it’s usually from over watering, so it’s really death by too much love. By now you’re probably wondering how many time’s I can use usually in the first paragraph, right? But I’ve learned my lesson and will no longer over water any present or future plants.

I decided my little succulent, needed two things. First thing she needed a name, and secondly she needed a home. So first things first, I formally introduce to the internet Suzie-Lou Succulent, adopted on June 3, 2016. Now since I am taking plant parent hood very seriously I knew my Suzie-Lou needed to have one of the chicest digs a succulent can have. Therefore I did the easiest DIY around, and now her house makes her pop and is tumblr perfect.

Here’s what you’ll need to DIY the perfect little home for your succulent children.


1. Succulent of choice.
2. Plain pot.
3. Paint colour of your choice.
4. Paint brush.
5. Paint tray or another paint holding container.
6. Optional coffee filter.


So you’re going to grab your pot and start painting it. I decided to be boring with white, but hey, white matches my room and to be completely honest my Instagram theme. Honest moment here, I try way too hard at Insta, and I’m not afraid to be straight up about it. On another note I really do love simple things in general so white it was.


So after you paint it. It’s time for you to plant your succulent. I added a coffee filter first so that any soil I put in it wont gush out when I water my little baby. Note, gush is a gross word.


Once you’ve planted your little plant child you can go ahead and water it a little. then take a billion and one picture for Instagram like any normal parent would.

So that’s my little DIY planter make over. It was super inexpensive and can be done in less than an hour.  Let me know if you’re a succulent owner and what kind of home you’ve found for it!

Natalie Farrow


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