June Favourites


Can you believe its freaking July?! I’m sorry, am I the only one freaking out? Seriously where has the time gone! I’m going to blink and it will be Christmas, though that wouldn’t really be an issue considering I love Christmas.

If you don’t know me my name is Natalie Farrow and I am an actor, producer, writer, event planner, amateur photographer, social media/branding marketer. Let’s just say I’m a woman of many hats and my day planner is colour coded down to priority A, B, and C. I started blogging off my acting website to get a feel for it, but what I was blogging about wasn’t exactly acting related. So I thought I would start a blog that is about everything else in my life, with just a hint of acting, because let’s be real I can’t not talk about it.

The first post on my blog is a monthly favourites, lot’s of YouTubers do this, so I thought I’d snag that idea and use it here. I think it’s a great way to introduce myself so we can get to know each other a little more. The list is long so I’m just going to jump right into it.



I’m slowly growing an obsession with succulents. These types of plants are hard to kill, are low maintenance and also add a perfect pop of lush greenery to any space in your room or home. I highly recommend picking one up! This here is Suzie-Lou, she’s growing like a weed, and I’m one proud plant mama.



Again, back at it with the succulents. This little gem is simple, dainty and the perfect addition to any outfit. I love how it’s fun but minimal, I often pair it with my favourite olive green tank from American Eagle. If you want to pick up a cactus necklace for yourself, I got this little guy at Claire’s.




Mac, Mac, Mac, you’ll always be in my favourites list. My usual praised Mac item is Gleam eye shadow, but this month it’s all about Spirit. I first discovered it by watching one of my fave YouTubers Ms Rosie Bea, she’s a stunning redheaded YouTuber from the UK who’s make up tips are on point. If you’re a fellow ginger, first of all go subscribe to her, and secondly go buy this lipstick, it’s magic.



I can’t get enough of fake nose rings. Where were these my whole life?! I’ve always dreamed of having a nose ring, but I’ve never gotten one for two reasons. The first reason is I was too afraid and the second reason was I didn’t really want to have to deal with taking it in and out for acting. The second reason is kind of a lame excuse to convince myself I’m not just a giant chicken. If you’ve always wanted a nose ring but didn’t want the commitment then sign your self up for these, you can find them at Claire’s, Icings, and online.



The tea of all teas. This bad boy can be found in your local Davids Tea, but only for a limited time! Most stores are already sold out and it may not return, I promise you, you need this tea. It’s the perfect combination of berry sweetness, mint and a little tartness from the hibiscus. It’s a dream if you steep it for half an hour and then ice it. There is a strong reason this is in my favourites, trust me you wont regret it.



Why have I always neglected fedora’s? These things are little beauties. Cute, stylish and they keep you in the shade. The perfect touch to an outfit and minimal chic. Pair it with a casual outfit and you’re ready for a day of adventuring or in my case in this photo a doughnut before volunteering at the Leo Awards. Note in the picture is my favourite green tank from American Eagle.



They not only look fabulous, they are comfortable and totally in style. What more can a girl want than to be able to wear these shoes and not be concerned where life’s adventure’s may take her and how far she may have to walk. Their cuteness is also a 10/10.



This is a little tip I picked up from my new job. All the key’s are attached to stretchy, coiled rubber bands like the black one above. We carry them around our arms so that we don’t lose them. I picked up some hair ties, yes those pretty little bands above are here. I wear them around my arm when I get out of my car late at night so I’m not scrambling in my bottomless pit of a purse to find them. These hair ties come in packs so you can change it out, it keeps things fun, handy and I’m never losing my keys.



Seriously, another one of those “where has this been all my life” items. How I discovered it is a long story. This deodorant is perfect, it’s not too manly, too strong, and it lasts 1000 times longer than girls deodorant. I love the way it combines with my natural skin, it brings out spice tones and that mixes amazingly with my Ariana Grande perfume. the size of it is perfect as well, One stroke and I’m done instead of a couple of strokes trying to cover my whole pit. Seriously ladies this isn’t just for the men!



“Dude, it’s chocolate, need I say more?” – Amanda Bynes in “What a Girl Wants” sums this up perfectly. It’s dark, slightly salty and not too sweet, it’s the king of all chocolate. If you have  a Costco membership and you haven’t tried these, you are not living! If you don’t have a membership go out and get one or ask a friend to buy you them, because they are worth it. I must warn you buying a bag of this is not for the faint of heart, it will take immense self-control to not eat it all in one sitting.



I’m usually pretty minimalist when it comes to my style and these rings are my perfect new favourite accessories. I don’t wear them all at the same time, mostly just a few but they dress up any outfit I’m wearing and give me that extra stylish feeling. I got these’s ones at Claire’s (I swear this post is not sponsored by Claire’s!).

Well that is the end of my monthly favourites for June. I hope you enjoyed it and were intrigued enough to try some of the things above. A lot of these faves are perfect companions to take to the beach or on any summer adventure. If you’re interested in seeing my May Favourites or other blog posts you can find those on my old blog.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products I’ve listed, or if we have similar obsessions with succulents in the comments below!

Happy Summer my loves!

Natalie Farrow




This post was not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions of products are my own.



One thought on “June Favourites

  1. Love reading your blog and admire how stunningly beautiful you are with those blue eyes and red hair. You have a very pretty face and super cute nose and would look lovely with either a cute nose ring or dainty little diamond nose stud. There is a reason, the faux nose ring looks so cute on you. It is because of you’ve got a symmetrical nose perfect for a little piercing. If, as you say, “… I’ve always dreamed of having a nose ring,” then maybe it’s time to get the real thing. Don’t worry about putting a retainer in when needed or mustering courage to have it done.

    Believe your picture says it all how cute you’d look with a nose ring. However, only thing cuter would be a thin, little silver beaded nose ring adorning your gorgeous face and lovely nose.

    Am afraid of needles, and a “big chicken too.” However, did some research finding the perfect place in Vancouver using a special hand held nose piercing instument! Want more info, drop me an e-mail.




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