It’s been a long time since I last posted on my blog. Life swept me up in a whirlwind. A good one though, I promise. As most people know I left behind my life in Vancouver Canada and traded it in for the big island of Hawaii. I’m here attending YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in what they call a DTS (Discipleship Training School).

I thought I knew what I was singing up for, but really I had no idea. I though oh cool, it’s basically like bible college and a christian camp on steroids. That’s slightly accurate, but not quite. I often feel like I’m drinking from a fire hydrant, in the best way possible.

I’ve learned about the Nature and Character of God, I’ve listened to legends like Francis Chan, and Banning Liebscher, the founders of YWAM, Lordship and Missions and a Biblical world view. This is only week four.  I feel like I’m learning things I should have learned at church as a child. Maybe I did but I’m just finally understanding it now. I think one of the most revolutionary things I’ve learned that I wish people knew is that the bible isn’t for behavior management, it is an invitation to a beautiful relationship. We no longer are bound by the laws of the old testament that everyone views Christianity through. Jesus abolished the laws, all 613 of them, not just the classical 10. Now the only thing he asks of us is to love.

I really wish I could compile all of my thoughts and all that I’ve learned onto this blog post. But in all honesty I don’t think my brain has sorted it all out yet. I don’t even know if i’ll have it all sorted when I’m done my DTS. All I know is I am so ready to live my life by acting in simple obedience because it can change history.

I’ll come back and try and update more regularly. Until then here’s some photos.


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Today I thought I’d share with you all something that’s been on my heart. The past two week have been quite interesting as I decided to delete all the social media apps from my phone and iPad. Why did I decide to do this? simple, I was no longer in control of my own life, social media was.

Social Media Detox

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Ah Valentine’s Day, the day all about love. I find either people love this holiday or they hate it. I used to be on the hate side, but being on that side was dark and cynical and well, pretty exhausting. I say exhausting because I had to pretend I hated it (however it kept my acting skills in shape) but deep down, all I wanted was to love others and be loved. So I decided to embrace it and look at it as a day filled with an extra overflow of love. I also got a boyfriend this year so it didn’t take much to convince me to embrace it. I find V-Day (not related to the II world war) is also the perfect day to show grace to your neighbor, especially when they park their truck in front of your driveway.

With Valentine’s there is an abundance of sweets, because let’s be real here, the best way to anyone’s heart male or female is through their stomach, yes even those on a diet. Hand them a sweet acai bowl and you’re golden. So I though I’d get in the spirit and make some easy Valentine’s snacks. These are cute recipes I was inspired by on Pinterest, because Pinterest is life, aside from Blenz and Jesus.


The first snack is quite fun and easy of course, hence the title. The Pinterest recipe that I saw used graham crackers and conversation hearts, but since I’m gluten-free I wanted to be able to incorporate my diet into this love filled day. So I used S’moreables, you can pick these up at your local superstore or any grocery store that has a health food section will probably have them. They taste pretty similar to the real thing which is a deal breaker if you’re like me.


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Happy Wednesday or Humpday if you will. I don’t know about you but I am currently snowed in under ten inches of snow. So I think that there is nothing better than to spend your day pampering yourself and why not start with a great face mask? That way your skin will be prepped and ready to finish out the week. Just remember only one more day till Friday. You can do this in the morning if you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t have to start your day early or at night to wind down after a long day.  My favourite masks are by the amazing brand Origins.

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Happy New Year! It’s been a while. Once the New year comes, everyone starts saying “New Year, New Me”. I’ve seen that quote posted on almost every social media site, it’s actually a little excessive. However it did get me thinking, what would a new me look like? and therefore it got me thinking about my hopes, dreams and goals for the New Year.

Some of my goals are very meaningful to me, and those are the ones that I’ll try to accomplish to the best of my ability. Others however are kind of just on the list, though they are things I want to do, if they don’t happen I won’t be too torn up about it. For the goals I really cared about I wanted to find a way to make them seem attainable. So instead of writing a lengthy list of things I want to do this year I wrote steps to accomplish each goal. That way it broke it down and made it less overwhelming and daunting when I looked at a list a mile long.

Here’s some examples of my goals and steps I’m going to take to achieve them.

1. Drink more water.

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I swear each year seems to fly by faster and faster. It’s already September and pumpkin is everywhere. I’m not ready to say good-bye to this summer, after all I actually enjoyed it much more than I did my last. So here’s my favourites for the month of August. It’s a shorter list mostly because I was so busy and can’t remember the things I was obsessed with this month. With out further a due, here we go.



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A while back in my post about backyard camping I mentioned that I peaced out from the shin dig to head to a photo shoot, well this was it.

Back in July I headed downtown Vancouver for a photo shoot with DISTRICT’ in partnership with Drammatico Chi handbags. I was approached by one of the photographers who said they were taking picture’s of local bloggers, and the style of the shoot was “your interpretation of classy and timeless”.  I of course was honoured to be asked and jumped at the opportunity, being an actor, I do love the camera. I however don’t exactly consider myself super stylish. The way I dress is either super casual or super dressy (depending on the occasion) and I don’t really have a “style” other than minimal. I am not going to lie I fretted about this like no body’s business. But then I decided to embrace ME and this was the result.

Natalie Farrow District'

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